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School Fees and Charges

The following information outlines fees and charges for the school year. Fees are set incorporating the costs of all items known to be an integral part of the curriculum, including tuition, compulsory levies, year level fees, and some camps and excursions.

For 2024, the College will be holding school fees at the same level as for 2023. This is the fourth consecutive year there has been no change to school fees. Decisions around changes to school fees always consider accessibility and affordability to ensure all families can access a Catholic education. Please read the Fees and Charges Information Booklet by following the link below:

Financial Support

Families facing genuine financial hardship should contact the Business Manager in the first instance to discuss the situation and identify appropriate fee options. Parents in this situation will be asked to complete an ‘Income Assessment Form to assist in making a determination in each circumstance. Parents are informed in writing of the outcome of their assessment. Parents are required to re-apply for consideration of financial support on an annual basis.

Family Discounts

Second sibling attending concurrently – 20%
Third sibling attending concurrently – 40%
Fourth and subsequent siblings attending concurrently – 100%

These discounts apply to the tuition fees portion only and are automatically actioned.

Health Care Card (HCC) Discount

The College offers the Health Care Card (HCC) Discount to holders of eligible Health Care Cards and Pension cards. Copies of the application form are available at Reception or by following the link below. The completed Application form, together with a copy of the eligible HCC/Pension card, must be received by the College before end of week 3 in February. Periodic payments will be calculated and are payable on the full annual charges until such time the completed HCC Discount application form is received. Periodic payment values will be adjusted and communicated to parents after the HCC discount has been processed.

Secondary Assistance Scheme

The Minister for Education has approved the following Educational Allowance for 2023: Years 7-12 ($235) plus clothing allowance ($115).

Eligibility for the scheme is for students whose birth date is on or after January 1997 and dependent on parent or legal guardians holding one of the following cards: Centrelink Family Health Care Card, Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card or Veterans’ Affairs Pensioner Concession Card.

Application forms are available using the link below or from the College Administration. Applications WILL NOT be accepted after 28 March 2024. For further information telephone the Department of Education on (08) 9264 4516.

Partner Catholic Primary Schools Discount

Families paying full fees at Irene McCormack Catholic College, will be eligible for a 10% discount on their school fees for their oldest child at the College when the family also has one or more children at either St Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School or St Andrew’s Catholic Primary School. Eligible families must apply for the discount through their primary school.