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Pastoral Care and Wellbeing

Pastoral Care and Student Wellbeing

Pastoral Care involves nurturing social, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Pastoral Care is infused into every aspect of College life, and is essential in supporting the healthy development of our students. We foster a rich support network between families, students, and staff.

Our Pastoral Care network includes:

Deputy Principal (Community)

The Deputy Principal (Community) is responsible for overseeing student management and the pastoral care needs of all students at the College, in consultation with the Heads of Year.

Heads of Year

Heads of Year are responsible for overseeing the wellbeing of their Year Group, facilitating events and activities designed to foster a sense of community, belonging and personal growth within their cohort.

Care Group Teachers

The Care Group Teacher is the first point of contact for parents in relation to student pastoral concerns. As a significant figure in each child’s development, the Care Group Teacher follows their Care Group from Year 7 to 12, building positive relationships with students and their families.

College Counsellor

Our College Counsellor works with students to support their emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual wellbeing. They liaise with the Heads of Year and Deputy Principal – Community, as well as external agencies, to provide holistic and individualised support.

Classroom teachers

The role of the classroom teacher in student pastoral care is to ensure that the safety and wellbeing of each child is at the forefront of their classroom pedagogy.

Learning Support staff

Learning Support staff are aware of the individual learning needs of students who require additional support. They work alongside classroom teachers and Heads of Year to ensure that accommodations are made so all students can access the curriculum.

Peer Support Leaders

Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 act as mentors and student leaders for students in Years 7, 8 and 9 respectively.

Student Leadership

Service is at the heart of student leadership. Every child has God-given skills and talents which are developed by the College’s student leadership programs. Leadership promotes student voice, builds interpersonal and communication skills, and inspires a love of service.

Leadership opportunities include:

Care Group Representatives
These leaders are supported and mentored by their respective Head of Year to build their individual leadership capacity and to be the voice of their Care Group peers.

Year 12 College Prefects
These leaders model exemplary behaviour and ethical standards. They collaborate with staff and the student body to promote student voice, implement new initiatives, and leave a legacy that inspires future students and student leaders.

Prefects for 2023 are:

Leadership Position


Head Girl

Sienna Wong

Head Boy

Jack McCallum

Dunlea House Prefect

Brandon Hannaby

Evans House Prefect

Demas Newberry

Golding House Prefect

Ada Meakins

McGarry House Prefect

Bethany Hutchinson

Arts Prefect

Elloise Erikson

Sports Prefect

Mia Conroy

Ministry Prefect

Chiara D’Costa

Ministry Prefect

Maxwell Johnston