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Spiritual development is integral to the development of the whole person. The College holds annual retreats for each year group, which are an opportunity for students to experience reflective time outside of the classroom environment, honouring their emotional and spiritual journey. Retreats offer Christ-centred, enjoyable opportunities where students gain solidarity and a sense of community. Retreat activities foster spiritual awareness, discernment, and personal formation.

Through Retreat experiences, students come to know Christian love and are exposed to a Gospel centred way of life. Students are empowered to connect the Gospel message to their lives, and to find ways of bringing their faith and values into action. They learn participation in the life of the Christian community through Liturgies and activities that emphasise growth in relationship with one another and with God.

Through the Years 7 to 12 Retreat program students are encouraged to encounter the spirit and life of Irene McCormack, St Mary MacKillop and, crucially, what it means to walk in the footsteps of Christ through Prayer, Service and Justice.

Year 7 – 12 Retreat Days

Each year group has its own particular focus day.

Student Retreats
Year 7


Belonging to IMCC

  • Students travel to the South Perth MacKillop Centre to hear, experience and reflect on the story of Irene McCormack, Mary MacKillop and the Sisters of St. Joseph.


Galilee Pilgrimage

  • Reflect on the journey of Jesus at the Sea of Galilee.
  • Connection to one’s personal spiritual journey in the light of this reflection.
Year 8 Self-Image – Sensing God

  • Fostering a positive Self Image.
  • Understanding the relationships we develop.
  • Acknowledging the presence of God and recognising God in each other.
Year 9 Right Journey

  • Rite of Passage Camp and Ritual Ceremony.
Year 10 Beyond Camino

  • How can we affect those around us?
  • Social justice in our community.
Year 11 Leadership- Moral decision making

  • The leadership of Jesus.
  • Embracing the leadership model of Jesus to prepare for Year 12.


Prefect Training Retreat

  • The leadership of Jesus.
  • Embracing the leadership model of Jesus and Irene to prepare our new Prefect Group.
  • Goal setting and the work ahead.
  • Leadership skills and building capacity.
Year 12 Transition into life (Two-day Retreat).

  • Life journey and purpose.
  • Relationships.
  • Sense of a bigger picture in life and God’s place in it for them.