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Irene’s Service Learning

Irene’s Service Learning

We are called to live the Gospel values as exemplified by our College patron.

“We must all make the world a better place, one person at a time”- Irene McCormack

All members of the College Community participate in Irene’s Service Learning, a rich and rewarding program that involves students across all year groups devoting their time and talents to serve their community. Our hope is that these experiences help form global citizens who are life-long contributors to acts of compassion, humility, selflessness, and care for others.

Founded upon the principles of Catholic Social Teaching, Irene’s Service Learning begins in Year 7, focusing on students helping their families around the home. As students progress through the program, they begin to work within the local community, engaging in service with organisations such as Wheelchairs for Kids, Shop Front, Saint Vincent de Paul, and local primary schools. Through volunteering and service, students demonstrate Christ’s love in action, discovering the joy and value of altruism, and living out Mary McKillop’s mantra to “Never see a need without doing something about it.”