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Faith Formation

Faith Formation

Irene McCormack is a Christ centred community that offers students broad and balanced opportunities for faith formation.

We gather as one: We are a community of varying cultures and religions united in liturgy.

We pray together: We give thanks for those in need, for our world, and our own special intentions.

We celebrate: We join for Mass on special occasions to celebrate our Catholic faith.

We empower: Our Religious Education program gives students the knowledge to understand Catholic beliefs, teachings, and philosophies to nurture informed, balanced, and spiritual individuals.

We offer: We guide students through the Sacramental Program to make a commitment to the Catholic faith through Baptism, Reconciliation, Eucharist, and Confirmation.

We collaborate: The faith formation of our students is a partnership between students, staff, parents, and Parish.

We participate: All students are encouraged to participate in our community liturgies. There is also opportunity to serve as an Altar Server, Mass Band Instrumentalist/Vocalist, or Reader.

Faith practice

Masses and Liturgies: Celebrating mass and liturgy is an integral component of student faith formation at our College. Whole school and Year Group Masses are celebrated on Feast Days, House Days, and Holy Days of Obligation. As part of St. Andrew’s Parish, students and families participate in a range of Parish celebrations, strengthening our sense of community.

Retreats: The College’s retreat program fosters student reflection on their relationships with God and others, outside of the traditional classroom setting. Each Year Group participates in a retreat tailored to their spiritual development and pastoral care needs. The program commences in Year 7 with the ‘Sea of Galilee’ coastal pilgrimage and culminates in the overnight Year 12 Retreat, a formative experience for our College leavers.

Prayer: Prayer is an essential faith practice in getting to know Jesus Christ. Prayer is a two-way conversation between a person and God. Prayer is the raising of one’s mind and heart to God. Because prayer is so important, the Church teaches us to pray often and in many ways. Sometimes we bless or adore God (prayer of blessing and adoration). Other times we ask God for something for ourselves (prayer of petition). Sometimes we pray for others (prayer of intercession). We also thank God in prayer (prayer of thanksgiving). Finally, we can also praise God (prayer of praise). We can pray silently or aloud. We can pray alone or with others. The College offers frequent opportunities to pray through rituals and events or just at opportune times.

College Prayers

Dear Lord,
Help us to live the Gospel Values as exemplified by Irene McCormack.
Assist us in recognising injustice and finding Irene’s
courage to act in the face of it.
Give us her vision and passion to serve those in need.
Grant us her openness and serenity to treat each day as Your gift to be celebrated and shared.
May we use the words of the College motto:
Prayer, Service and Justice
As the guiding light for our daily lives.


Irene McCormack – Pray for us.

Sr Irene’s Morning Offering

God, my Father, you love me and forgive me.
So today I accept all as gift
And ask to find you Lord,
The giver in the gift.
I choose to face life without fear
And to live wholeheartedly
In each present moment.
May my heart sing today
A song of loving, grateful praise.
I am God’s work of art.
I am precious in his sight.